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Confirmation Statement

What is a confirmation statement?

A confirmation statement is a statutory document (Companies House form CS01) that companies and LLPs must deliver to Companies House at least once a year. Essentially, it is an annual snapshot of the company’s registered details, and its purpose is to confirm that all information held at Companies House is up to date.

What information do I need to include in the confirmation statement?

The confirmation statement should include the company name and registration number, the confirmation date, and the signature of a director or company secretary. On the statement, you can report changes to SIC codes, shares, and shareholders, but any other company changes must be reported before filing the statement.

By submitting the confirmation statement, you are ‘confirming’ that the information stated on the form and registered at Companies House is correct and up to date.

When do I have to file a confirmation statement?

The first confirmation statement should be delivered to Companies House no later than 14 days after the anniversary of company formation. Subsequent statements must be filed no later than 14 days after the anniversary of the ‘confirmation date’ of the previous statement. Normally, the confirmation date is the anniversary of company formation, unless you filed a previous statement early.

What is the confirmation date?

The confirmation date, or confirmation statement date, is the date by which you must complete the statement and confirm that all information held at Companies House is correct and up to date. It will fall on either the date your company was incorporated or the confirmation date of the previous statement. The filing deadline is 14 days after the confirmation date.

What is the difference between the confirmation statement and the annual return?

The confirmation statement replaced the annual return filing requirement on 30 June 2016. Confirmation statements serve exactly the same purpose as the annual return, but they are much easier to complete, because you do have to physically enter on the form all of the registered information about your company – you simply confirm that the details held at Companies House are accurate.

What is the difference between a confirmation statement and annual accounts?

A confirmation statement confirms (and updates, in some instances) the company’s current registered details, whereas annual accounts report on the company’s financial activity. Confirmation statements need only be filed at Companies House, but annual accounts must be filed at both Companies House and HMRC.

How do I file a confirmation statement?

You can prepare and file a confirmation statement electronically through our Online Admin Portal or Companies House online WebFiling service. You can also file a paper statement by post, but this is more time consuming and expensive.

If you would like Cheap Formations to prepare and file your confirmation statement, you can get this service as part of our All Inclusive Package during the company formation process or as an add-on Confirmation Statement Service during or after company formation.

What happens if I file a confirmation statement late?

Companies House will not issue an automatic financial penalty if you file a confirmation statement late. You will simply get a reminder. However, missing the filing deadline can impact your company’s credit rating and ‘good standing’.

Furthermore, if no confirmation statement is delivered at all, Companies House will eventually take steps to strike off (close) the company. Legal proceedings could also be brought against the company and its officers.

Do dormant companies have to file a confirmation statement?

All companies and LLPs, whether active or dormant, must deliver a confirmation statement to Companies House each year. There are no exceptions, so be careful not to get caught out.

What’s the difference between a confirmation statement and an annual return?

A confirmation statement serves the same purpose as the old annual return filing requirement that it replaced on 30 June 2016, which is to provide Companies House with an overview of key company details on a specific date each year. Companies House uses this information to confirm that the public register contains correct and up-to-date information.

How much does it cost to file a confirmation statement?

It costs £13.00 to file a confirmation statement online, or £40.00 to send a paper confirmation statement by post. These are annual filing fees, so you only need to pay once every 12 months. Within each 12-month payment period, you can file as many confirmation statements as you wish. Cheap Formation also offers a Confirmation Statement Service for £44.99.

How many times can I update a confirmation statement each year?

You can update a confirmation statement as often as required during each 12-month payment period. You will only pay one filing fee per year, but you can file multiple confirmation statements to reflect changes to company details or to correct mistakes made on previous statements that you’ve filed.

How much does it cost to update a confirmation statement after it has been filed?

Once you’ve paid the annual filing fee to Companies House, you can update your confirmation statement as often as required for no additional charge. You will not need to pay anything until your next annual filing fee is due.

What company details can I update on the confirmation statement?

The company details you can update on the confirmation statement are SIC codes and information about shares and shareholders. If you need to make changes to directors, secretaries, PSCs, or the registered office, you must do this separately before filing your confirmation statement.